How to Change a Page Plus Number

By Kenyonda Bradley

There are certain circumstances that may prompt you to change your Page Plus phone number. For example, if you move to another location, want to put an end to harassing calls or simply want a change, you can request a new wireless number. To change your Page Plus number, you must have at least a $10 balance in your prepaid account. In addition, Page Plus may charge you a fee to process the change.

Step 1

Power off your Page Plus phone and remove the battery cover. Remove the battery and locate your phone’s Equipment Serial Number (ESN) on a bar code inside the battery compartment. Write this number down.

Step 2

Replace the battery and cover, then power your phone back on. Contact the Page Plus customer service department at 800-550-2436 from a different phone.

Step 3

Follow the prompts to speak with a representative. Inform the representative of your intent to change your phone number.

Step 4

Verify your wireless account and provide the representative with your wireless phone number and ESN number.

Step 5

Select the area code that you want for your new phone number, if given the option to do so. Pay the fees associated with changing your mobile phone number when asked to do so.

Step 6

Follow the instructions provided by the representative to reprogram your phone.