How to Change And Update Posted Resumes On Monster

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Before you apply for any job on Monster, you must make sure your posted resume is updated and current. Especially if you haven't used the site in a while because you've been employed, this is a great time to change your resume to reflect your newest work experience, awards, honors and years on the job.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access

Sign in to Your Account

Step 1

Go to the Monster home page (see Resources below) and access your account by selecting "Log in."

Step 2

Enter your chosen username and password in the corresponding boxes. Note that if you have cookies enabled, you may be automatically signed into your account.

Step 3

Click "Resumes" to access your current resumes listed on Monster.

Change/Update Your Resume

Step 1

Choose the resumes you would like to change from the list provided. Note that you may only have one resume in this list or you may have several, depending on how many you've posted in the past.

Step 2

Select "View/Edit" to update your information.

Step 3

Scan all the boxes listed for correct information or data that you would like to change or update. When you've found sections your would like to alter, click the "Edit" link that corresponds to the correct box.

Step 4

Click on the "Update Account" after you've made the changes you wanted to make.

Step 5

Review your resume one final time to ensure your changes have been saved.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider making your posted resumes private on Monster if you are receiving too many unwanted emails from potential employers. This way, you can control who gets your resume and who contacts you for available positions.
  • Never say that you've been fired on a resume. Simply list your dates of employment by year and the skills learned in that position.
  • Don't ever include your social security number, your date of birth, password, credit card or bank account information or driver's license number on your online resume. When in doubt, stick to the rule that if it can't be found in the phone book, you don't need to include it (i.e. phone number, name, address.). For more on this, check out the resume safety resources on Monster (see Resources below).