How to Change Batteries for Koss Quiet Zone Headphones

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Koss QZ (Quiet Zone) headphone set is perfect for situations in which you want to reduce or eliminate noise around you. The special earphone cushions reduce background noise better than typical earpiece headphones. The Koss QZ uses a single AAA battery. Once you know where the battery compartment is, opening it and replacing the battery is a quick and simple task.

Things You'll Need

  • AAA battery

Step 1

Grasp the cushion on the right earphone piece. Pull it from the unit. Behind the cushion you'll see the battery cover.

Step 2

Push the battery cover release switch down and lift off the battery cover. Pull out the old AAA battery.

Step 3

Insert the new AAA battery into the compartment. Verify the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on the battery are aligned with the compartment diagram.

Step 4

Place the battery cover back over the compartment. Push it down to snap it into place.

Step 5

Replace the cushion on the right earphone piece. Push it firmly to ensure it's attached securely.