How to Change the Language on a HTC Touch

By Justin Obrien

Typically, when you purchase a new cell phone, like the HTC Touch, it is factory set to operate in English. There are some cases where people need to change the operating language of their cell phone, especially when English is only a second language. You can also run into instances where the language is set to something other than English, and you need to change it. On the HTC Touch, this can be done with a few simple taps.

Step 1

Turn on your HTC Touch. Touch "Start" on your Home screen. Touch "Settings."

Step 2

Touch System > Regional Settings. Select the proper region for the language you desire. Touch "OK" when prompted and "Exit."

Step 3

Confirm your selection has taken effect by checking the language of any menu item from the Start screen. Your selections should be in the language you chose.