How to Change Your Background on Facebook

By Michael Garrett

If you have a Facebook profile, you are aware that all user profiles maintain a uniform layout with a standard white background and three columns of content. The main purpose for this standardization is to prevent clutter and confusion when users visit each other's profiles. Although users must still maintain the same basic layout, you now have the ability to change your Facebook background using PageRage and Yontoo Layers.

Step 1

Open your Web browser. Go to Select a category and browse through the available backgrounds.

Step 2

Find a background that you want to use. Click "Select" below the background of your choice. You will be taken to the "Install Instructions" page, which will help you install the required Yontoo Layers plug-in.

Step 3

Click "Save File" when the Save dialog box appears. Choose a save location. Click "Save."

Step 4

Browse to the folder where you saved the PageRage file. Double-click the file to run the setup process. Click "Yes" if a dialog box appears that asks if you want to allow the program to make changes to your system.

Step 5

Click "Next," when the PageRage setup file loads. From the checklist of installation options, be sure that you have a check next to "Yontoo Layers." Click "Install."

Step 6

Wait for the installation process to complete. This may take a few minutes. You will notice your Web browser windows close during the installation. Click "Done" when the install has finished.

Step 7

Open your Web browser again. A new window will open with the message, "Success! Yontoo Layers has been installed." Click "Go to Facebook," just below this message. A new window will open with your Facebook profile. Your chosen PageRage background will now appear behind your profile.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can change or remove your new Facebook background by using the new "Change Layout" and "Remove Layout" links that appear in the main menu on your Facebook profile page.

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