How to Change Your Name on Facebook

"What's in a name?" mused William Shakespeare in his tale of love gone wrong, "Romeo and Juliet." While Facebook may not have an answer, the site certainly has plenty of restrictions regarding the name you use. Chief among them is the requirement to use your real name. Facebook includes a name-changing option, but you can only alter your name once every 60 days and only then if you follow the Facebook rules.

Blank name tag
Using any other name than your own is against Facebook's terms.
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Changing Your Name

Click the upside-down triangle signifying Facebook's Options menu and select "Settings" from the drop-down list. From the General Account Settings page, select "Edit" next to your name. When finished, enter your password and select "Save Changes."

Alternate Name

Add an additional name with Facebook's Alternate Name setting. Facebook Help suggests a nickname, professional name or maiden name as examples. An additional name does not replace your real name. If you so choose, the additional name displays next to your real name on your Timeline and in search results. Add an alternate name using the same General Account Settings used to change your name.


Aside from mandating you use your real name, Facebook imposes additional restrictions when changing your name. You cannot use symbols, numbers or strange capitalizations like "mARk wAhLbErG." All characters must be in the same language. You cannot use a nickname in place of a middle name, nor can you use offensive or suggestive language in your name.