How to Change Your Picture on YouTube

By Jay Leon

Pictures give user profiles character and uniqueness. Without a profile photo, individual users would be nearly indistinguishable from one another. YouTube allows you to set and change the picture associated with your account. You may choose a picture from your computer, the default shadow image or a video still. The picture will appear on your YouTube channel together with your user name and other publicly visible statistics.

Step 1

Sign in to YouTube. On the upper right corner of the home page, click your user name button with the arrow next to it. Click "Account." You will be taken to the YouTube account overview page.

Step 2

Click the "Change" link below your profile photo to be taken to the "Profile Setup" page. Once the page loads, click "Change Picture" next to your photo.

Step 3

Enable the "Upload an Image" radio button, click "Browse" to open the file dialog box. Click through the folders on the computer to find the picture you want to use for your YouTube profile. Click "Open" to select it.

Step 4

Click "Save Changes."

Tips & Warnings

  • Maximum file size for a YouTube profile picture is two megabytes.
  • If you would rather use a still from your uploaded videos instead of a picture, click the "Choose a Video Still" radio button instead of "Upload an Image." You will see a thumbnail list of your YouTube videos. Select the thumbnail of the video still you want to use.
  • The YouTube interface may change from time to time.