How to Change Your Voicemail

By Christopher Kennedy

When cell phone calls go unanswered, the owner of the voicemail has the option to greet callers with a personalized message or standard recording. In the event that any personal information is changed or you wish to have a little more privacy, changing your personalized message or recorded name is easy to do, no matter what model of phone you own.

Step 1

Press and hold "1" on your cell phone. After a brief moment, your cell phone will dial into your voicemail service.

Step 2

Enter your voicemail pass code when prompted using your cell phone's keypad.

Step 3

Listen carefully to the options and use your keypad to select the "Personal Options" menu item. This is usually the option associated with the number "4", but may be different depending on your service carrier.

Step 4

Listen carefully and select the option to change your voicemail greeting. This is usually associated with the number "3".

Step 5

Listen carefully and select the option to change your personal greeting, option 1, or recorded name, option 3. Changing your personal greeting allows you to record your own unique message, while changing your recorded name allows you to record your name to be used with the generic message. The options used to change your messages may be different depending on your service provider.

Step 6

Once you have finished recording your message, press the option to save the message. Doing so will save your options and either disconnect you from the voicemail service or return you to the main menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • Record your message in a quiet place, speaking loud and clearly. Your cell phone will pick up background noise, so minimize any television or radio sets that may be playing in the background.