How to Charge My Handycam

By Michael Wallace

The Sony Handycam is a small camcorder popular due to its compact size and easy portability. But, like any other electronic device, it needs power to function. The Handycam has a removable battery that needs to be charged. Even if you don't know much about digital camcorders, you'll find that you can set up your Handycam to be charged in a matter of moments.

Step 1

Plug the included AC charger adapter into an available power outlet.

Step 2

Connect the rectangular battery pack to the compartment on the rear of the Handycam. Make sure the metal connectors on the battery line up with the terminals in the compartment and that the battery locks in place.

Step 3

Connect the DC plug on the charger adapter to the "DC In" jack located on the back of the Handycam, just below the battery compartment. The "Chg" (charge) LED light located at the top of the battery compartment will flash yellow. This means the Handycam is charging.

Step 4

Remove the DC plug when the "Chg" light flashes green. This means that charging is complete.

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