How to Charge Your Phone Faster

By Chris Miksen

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably feel comfortable having your cell phone on you and working at all times. As long as your cell phone’s fully charged, that’s not usually a problem, but many cell phones die by midday, from constant use. While charging your phone might not seem arcane, there are a few charging strategies that make the process faster.

Step 1

Plug your phone directly into an outlet. Your phone will always charge faster when plugged into an outlet versus your computer or car.

Step 2

Turn off all applications you don’t need. Applications, such as GPS and Bluetooth, are thieves when it comes to battery life. The more battery used to power applications, the more time it takes to fully charge your phone.

Step 3

Turn off your phone’s screen. Most phone screens automatically go into a sleep mode when inactive for a period of time. If your screen does not, you can usually change it via the “Display” settings.

Step 4

Turn your phone’s sound on. A ring tone sucks up less battery than the vibrate setting.