How to Check to See if a Sprint Mobile Is on a Stolen List

By Leigh Wittman

Prior to purchasing a Sprint mobile telephone from anywhere other than a Sprint dealer or stores, ensure that the cell phone does not appear on a stolen list. Purchasing a lost or stolen cell phone will result in paying for a useless device because mobile telephones listed as stolen cannot be activated. Luckily, finding this information only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Obtain the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of the Sprint mobile telephone that you want to check. The ESN will identify your mobile telephone from all other mobile telephones. Find the ESN on the back of your phone underneath the battery.

Step 2

Contact Sprint's customer service. Making a telephone call checks to see if the Sprint mobile telephone is on a stolen list. You can dial *2 from any Sprint mobile telephone to reach customer service, or call 888-211-4727.

Step 3

Ask the customer service representative if she can find the mobile telephone with the ESN that you acquired on the stolen list. The representative will look up the ESN and provide you with the requested information in a matter of minutes.