How to Check Your Voice Mail From Another Phone With US Cellular

By Maya Walker

As a current U.S. Cellular customer, you have the option of checking your voice mail from a phone other than your cellular or home land line. When you connect with your voice mail from a remote location, you may delete and save messages as you normally would from your mobile phone. You can also change your voice mail settings, including the greeting. Checking your U.S. Cellular voice mail from another phone does not subtract from your monthly plan's minutes.

Step 1

Dial your 10-digit U.S. Cellular mobile phone number from a landline or mobile phone.

Step 2

Listen for your voicemail greeting. Press the * key when the greeting begins to play.

Step 3

Enter your password when the greeting system prompts you.

Step 4

Listen to your messages, and then press # or hang up to end the call.

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