How to Clean Blu-ray Players

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Music and game discs collect dust and dirt on their surfaces overtime. This build-up can interfere with the sound and performance of both discs and the player system. Cleaning fluids and cloths will aid in keeping a Blu-ray discs clean, but to clean the lens of the player, some dissembling is required. Below are instructions on how to open up a Blu-ray player and clean the lens on the inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Blu-ray player
  • Screwdriver
  • Lens cleaner
  • Cotton swab

Step 1

Turn Blu-ray player over and remove the edge screws holding the bottom plate onto the drive using a small Philip's head screwdriver. These screws are located opposite each other on the bottom edge and one has a metal piece attached. Remember to reattach the metal piece when replacing screws later.

Step 2

Remove the bottom two edge screws located near the center of the base and the three screws holding the base plate at the opposite edge from the screws in step 1. Again, one of the edge screws will have a metal piece that goes back in place later.

Step 3

Extract the motherboard connectors. Once the screws are out, simply lift the lid and pull out the connector. The cable remains connected to the motherboard.

Step 4

Remove the motherboard by lifting it and turning it to the right to pull out the cable connection. Do not yank the cable out. Grip the end plug firmly to release the cable.

Step 5

Turn the player back over the right way and remove top cover to unscrew the four sides and one top screw holding the lens cover in place. The lens cover moves to the right so lens is accessible for cleaning.

Step 6

Use cotton swab dipped in a little lens cleaner and clean the lens using a circular motion. Dry the lens using same motion with other end of the cotton swab.

Step 7

Reassemble machine by reversing these steps.