How to Clear the Text Messages on a Verizon LG Phone

By Contributing Writer

Clearing the text messages on your Verizon LG cellphone is a way to reduce the amount of memory that your phone holds. This means you can have more memory space for things like pictures and videos. It also helps keeps your text messages organized; if you need to quickly find a message, you won’t need to scroll through older, useless messages.

Step 1

Open phone and click the "Menu" button.

Step 2

The center keypad above the numerical keys can click up, down, left and right. Click left until you see the Messaging option.

Step 3

Click "Inbox."

Step 4

Click "Options."

Step 5

Click "Erase Inbox."

Step 6

When asked if you want to erase all messages, click "Yes."

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also erase all of the messages in your Sent folder for additional memory space on your cellphone. To do this, at Step 3, click "Sent" instead of Inbox. Then follow the remaining steps.
  • Be sure you want to delete all of your messages—once the Inbox is cleared, the messages cannot be retrieved.