How to Configure a Samsung LAN Adapter

By Stephen Ip

The Samsung LinkStick is a LAN adapter for connecting compatible Samsung televisions to a home network. The LinkStick is a wireless USB adapter that plugs into Samsung HDTV sets with a Wiselink USB ports. After the LAN adapter is connected and configured, users can access news and weather information directly from the television using their home wireless network.

Things You'll Need

  • Samsung television with Wiselink port
  • Passkey of home wireless network

Step 1

Plug the LAN adapter into the Wiselink USB port of your Samsung television.

Step 2

Turn on the television and press the "Menu" button on the television remote control.

Step 3

Select "Setup" from the menu page, then choose "Network Selection."

Step 4

Use the left or right arrows on the remote to change the Network Selection to "Wireless" and select "Wireless Network Setup."

Step 5

Use the down arrow on the remote to scroll to "Access Point Select." The LAN adapter will automatically scan for nearby wireless networks.

Step 6

Select your wireless network from the list of networks by scrolling to it and pressing "Enter" on the remote.

Step 7

Enter the passkey for your wireless network if your network is secured. If you wireless network is not secured, skip to the next step. Press the blue button on the remote after entering the passkey to finish the setup process.

Step 8

Use the "Network Test" in the Wireless Network Setup options to test your television's connectivity. The television may need to be turned off and back on before being able to connect to the Internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the LAN adapter cannot find your wireless network, the signal may not be strong enough. Try moving the wireless access point closer to the television.