How to Connect a DVD Player to a DVR

DVRs are devices offered by satellite and cable TV providers that allow subscribers to record programming for future viewing, and even to rewind, pause or fast-forward TV programs they are currently watching. Another useful feature is that they commonly feature video and audio inputs that you can use to connect component devices like DVD players and video game systems without taking up any of the video and audio inputs on your TV. If you wish to take advantage of this feature, just follow a few basic steps.

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Use video and audio connection cables to connect a component device to your DVR.


Connect one end of the video and audio connection cable or cables to the back of the DVR. Make sure the ports to which you connect the cables are labeled "In" or "Input" and not "Out" or "Output."


Connect the other end of the video and audio connection cables to the DVD player's output ports. If you are using RCA cables, make sure the yellow plug connects to the yellow port, the white plug connects to the white port and the red plug connects to the red port.


Configure your DVD to use the DVD player. Look on your DVR remote for a button labeled "Input," "Source," "TV/Video," or something similar and press it until the DVR displays the input into which you plugged the DVD player. After powering on the DVD player and inserting a DVD, you should see a picture through the DVR.

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