How to Connect a PC to a TV Using VGA Cable

By James Clark

Connecting a PC to a TV lets you view work and entertainment on the computer with a bigger screen. Many computers use a VGA (video graphics array) port to connect an external monitor or TV. While computer monitors typically have a VGA socket, most TV sets do not. The solution is to connect the VGA cable from the computer to an adapter that has the appropriate plug on the other end for a TV connection.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA to S-video adapter cable

Step 1

Line up the three rows of pins in the VGA plug with the holes in the socket on the back of the computer tower and connect the plug. The middle row is offset from the top and bottom rows.

Step 2

Connect the plug on the other end to the matching socket on the adapter cable.

Step 3

Insert the round plug on the other end of the adapter cable into the S-video input on the rear of the television cabinet.

Step 4

Activate the TV connection to the computer by pressing the "Source Select" button on the television remote control. Release and press the button until the PC desktop appears on the TV.