How to Connect a Wii to HDTV

By Lee Mason

With all the cables going in and out of the TV and its various components, connecting a Nintendo Wii game system can seem daunting. Doing it correctly is much easier than many people realize.

Things You'll Need

  • Wii-to-RCA input cable

Step 1

Turn off the television and the Wii. Turn the Wii around and insert the rectangular output connection of the RCA cable into the Wii output jack called "AV Multi Out." This sends the signal from the Wii to the television.

Step 2

Locate the RCA jacks on the back on the television. There may be more than one set.

Step 3

Insert the white component into the white section of the RCA jack. Insert the red section into the red jack. Insert the yellow into the yellow jack. If there is no color coordination for the input jack on the television, the red goes to audio right in, white goes to audio left in and yellow goes to video in.

Step 4

Turn on the television and the Wii. Place the television in Component Mode by using the "Components" button on the remote control. Pressing it once will place the television in the first mode. This should be the Wii unless there is another game system or component. If it isn't, press the button until the Wii logo and landing page appear on the television.

Step 5

Test the game to be sure the video and audio components are giving a complete signal. If there is static or bad audio, check the connections to be sure they are inserted completely.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have the cable, you can purchase one at any store that sells Wii systems.
  • To prevent electrical surges, make sure the devices are turned off when you're placing connections.