How to Connect External Speakers to an LCD TV

By James Clark

Connecting a pair of external speakers to an LCD TV expands the sound in the room without moving in a lot of bulky stereo components or full-size speakers. Self-powered speakers are needed for the connection because the LCD TV's amplifier is only powerful enough to run the built-in speakers. You can hook up a pair of computer speakers quickly to achieve good sound in a small space by using an audio Y-adapter, which is available at electronics stores.

Things You'll Need

  • External speakers
  • Y-adapter
  • Stereo cable

Step 1

Set up the speakers on each side of the LCD TV for stereo sound separation.

Step 2

Plug the cable attached to the left speaker into the audio out jack on the side or back of the right speaker.

Step 3

Plug the cable from the right speaker into the smallest of the three jacks on the Y-adapter.

Step 4

Connect the stereo cable from the two jacks on the Y-adapter to the stereo output jacks on the back of the LCD set.

Step 5

Plug in the electrical cord to the power jack on the speakers, usually the right speaker where the amp is located, and connect the other end to a wall outlet.