How to Connect Outside Cable TV Wires

By Contributing Writer

Cable TV wires are otherwise known as coaxial cables. They connect through a screwing mechanism that fastens the cables tightly to its plug. Occasionally, cable companies will run the coaxial cable through a box that converts the analog signal to a digital one, giving the user the option of using a coaxial or digital connection to the television.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial Cable
  • Component Cable
  • HDMI Cable

Step 1

Run the coaxial cable up to the cable input. The input looks like a rounded protruding plug with rivets on the outside.

Step 2

Fit the needle in the center of the coaxial cable into the corresponding hole in the plug. It should slide in smoothly. Push it until the inside edge of the plug makes contact with the plug.

Step 3

Twist the metal end of the coaxial cable clockwise and tighten it onto the plug (as one would a screw-top). Tighten it until it is fastened onto the plug.

Step 4

Connect the cable box to the television, if available. Use a component (three to five small circular holes) or HDMI cables (flat rectangular plug) to transmit a digital signal.

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