How to Connect to Bluetooth

By Stephen Lilley

Bluetooth technology is a way for two devices (usually a headset and a compatible cell phone) to connect to each other without the use of wires or cables. This can be great for people that need to make important calls during situations, like driving, where holding a cell phone can be rude and dangerous. Connecting two Bluetooth-compatible devices to one another is a simple process that takes, at most, two minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth cell phone

Step 1

Turn on both your Bluetooth-compatible cell phone and your Bluetooth headset.

Step 2

Put your Bluetooth headset in "Discover Mode." This can be done by pressing in and holding the button on the side of the headset until the tiny indicator light turns a solid color. The headset will emit a signal that can be picked up by your Bluetooth-compatible cell phone.

Step 3

Put your cell phone in "Pairing Mode." This can be done by navigating to the phone's "Settings" menu and selecting the "Bluetooth" option. This will tell the device to look for the signal being emitted by the headset.

Step 4

Select the headset from the list of "Found Devices" that appears on the cell phone's menu. This will pair the two devices together.

Step 5

Wait for the indicator light on the side of the Bluetooth headset to turn a solid blue color. This means that the headset and the cell phone are successfully connected to each other via a Bluetooth wireless connection. You now can make and receive calls without using your hands.

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