How to Connect Twitter & YouTube

Connect your Twitter account with your YouTube account to automatically share your latest videos with all your Twitter followers as tweets. You can stop YouTube from tweeting automatically or disconnect the two accounts at any time.

The Authorize an Application page on Twitter
You must grant permissions to the YouTube app on Twitter.
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Log in to your YouTube account, click your image and then click the gear icon to open the YouTube Account Settings page.

Opening the Account Settings page.
Your image is located next to the Upload button.
credit: Image courtesy of YouTube


Click Connected Accounts in the Account Settings section of the page to view all social networking accounts connected to YouTube. Click the Connect button in the Twitter section to open the Authorize an Application window.

Facebook was removed from the Connected Accounts section, so Twitter is the only option available.

The Connected Accounts section of the Account Settings page.
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Click the Authorize App button to allow the YouTube application to access your Twitter data. You can't link the two accounts without granting access to the YouTube app.

The Authorize App and Cancel buttons.
Click Cancel to abort and close the window.
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Click the Save button to save the changes.

To stop YouTube from tweeting your activity, click Edit and select Disable Activity Sharing. Alternatively, choose Disconnect Account to disconnect your YouTube and Twitter accounts.

The Edit and Save buttons.
Your Twitter username appears in the Twitter section.
credit: Image courtesy of Google
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