How to Contact Netflix for Customer Service

Once the popcorn comes out of the microwave, you want to start the show, not deal with technical issues on Netflix. Unfortunately, many problems on the site arise due to problems you'll have to fix yourself -- a busy Internet connection or computer prone to freezing can interfere with streaming video and is outside the control of Netflix support staff. For solutions to common problems, check the Netflix Help Center. If you still need assistance, such as for billing issues, call or chat with customer service online, or report a streaming problem from your viewing history.

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Netflix requires a minimum 0.5Mbps Internet connection for streaming, and recommends 5Mbps for HD video.
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Contact Customer Service

Netflix provides two methods to get personal service: via phone and via live chat. To start a chat, visit the Netflix Help Center and click "Start Live Chat." If you'd rather call, click "Call Us" to see a phone number for Netflix and a service code. Enter the code when prompted on the phone to speed up the process by linking your call to your account. Next to each link, Netflix displays the current wait time.

If you can't log in to Netflix at all, call Netflix's main support line at 888-NETFLIX (888-638-3549).

Report a Streaming Problem

If you want to let Netflix know about a problem with a video you watched, but don't need a reply from customer service, visit your Viewing Activity page and click "Report a Problem" next to the show or movie with the issue. This method works for reports about video issues, audio cutting out, incorrect subtitles and TV episodes that play out of order. The report window also has a text box where you can write additional details. If you don't see the link to report a problem by the show, Netflix automatically logged the error when it occurred.