How to Convert MP3 to YouTube

By Zeus Tyrone Mendoza

People listen to MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) files due to their high compression sizes and solid retention of audio qualities. YouTube is a popular video social web site with lots of uploaded content, including comedy, news and music. Though YouTube itself does not have a function to upload MP3's directly onto its web service, you can convert a MP3 into a video so that it is compatible for uploading with their system.

Step 1

Download a relevant image, band picture or album cover related to your song. Be sure that you ask permission to use content pulled from the Internet due to copyright law. Otherwise, go to Flickr, where most pictures are free so long as you follow the Creative Commons guidelines.

Step 2

Open up your video editing software. Windows comes built in with Windows Movie Maker, while Macintosh is bundled with iMovie. Both programs are user friendly with a drag-and-drop interface.

Step 3

Import both the MP3 file and the picture into your video editing software. Drag and drop the uploaded contents into the audio layer for the MP3, and the picture for the video layer. These will be located under your software program's time line bar.

Step 4

Expand the time frame for your picture exposure exactly as long as your music. Any less, and the remaining video will be blacked out, while too long will create silence in the over extended portions of the video.

Step 5

Save your content into a video format. The video quality does not matter as much as the audio quality you save into; YouTube recommends 44.1kHZ channel output in stereo format to get optimal audio results.

Step 6

Watch and check the audio quality of your video. When you are satisfied, you are ready to upload the content.

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