How to Create a Hangout With Google+

By Jane Buchanan

Creating a hangout on Google+ allows you to broadcast a webcam feed to a select group of users, and chat with them by using either a microphone or a standard keyboard. While this Google+ feature can, of course, be used for entertainment purposes, it can also allow you to do more serious activities, such as having an online meeting or collaborating on a project.

Creating a Hangout

Step 1

Navigate to and log in using your Google account credentials.

Step 2

Click on the "Start a hangout" button in the right-hand column to open a popup window containing the hangout green room. This window allows you to set up your new hangout.

Step 3

Check if your microphone is working by speaking into it. If it is working, green bars will appear next to the microphone icon. Alternatively, click the "On" button next to the microphone icon to disable it.

Step 4

Test your webcam by making sure that the picture appears on your screen. If needed, reposition your camera so that it centers on your face.

Step 5

Customize the list of people you want to invite to your hangout. By default, an invitation is automatically sent to all of your Google+ friends. To also allow friends that are in your circles to invite people who are in their circles, click on "Invite more people" and select "Extended circles." To send an invitation to a select group of people, click the arrow next to "Your circles" to delete that item, click "Add circles or people to share with," then select the people or circles you wish to send an invitation to by clicking on them.

Step 6

Click on the "Hang Out" button.

Interacting With Others

Step 1

Chat with other users either by speaking into your microphone or by clicking on "Chat" and typing a text message.

Step 2

Share a screenshot of an open window on your computer by clicking the "Screenshare" button. Select the window whose screenshot you would like to share, then click the "Share selected window" button.

Step 3

Watch YouTube videos with your friends by clicking the "YouTube" button. Enter keywords in the search field, then click on the video you would like to share.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once a hangout has started, any participant can invite his own friends by clicking on "Invite."
  • Turn your microphone or webcam on or off at any time by clicking on their respective icons at the top of the window.
  • Publicize your hangout by sending out its URL address to friends on other social networks. To join a hangout, your friends must, however, have a valid Google+ profile.
  • Up to 10 users can be in a Google+ hangout at the same time.