How to Create a New MSN Email Address

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to create a new account to log in to either Skype -- the application which replaced MSN Messenger -- or to the MSN website.

While the MSN portal is still active, Microsoft discontinued Windows Live Messenger -- the successor to MSN Messenger -- in 2013 and migrated its users to Skype. Create a new account to log in to either Skype or to the MSN website by signing up for a Microsoft account.

Sign Up for a Microsoft Account

Step 1

Visit the Sign In page on -- a Microsoft website -- and click Sign Up Now.

Sign In page on, with Sign Up Now link highlighted.

Step 2

Enter your first and last names.


Certain Microsoft services -- such as or Skype -- display your first and last names to other users.

First Name and Surname fields on the Create an Account page.

Step 3

Click the Or Get a New Email Address link.


Alternatively, create a new Microsoft account by typing an existing email address in the Username field. This lets you sign in to Microsoft services using, for example, your current Gmail or Yahoo Mail address as your username.

Or Get a New Email Address link on the Create an Account page.

Step 4

Enter the email address you want to create in the Username field.


  • By default, new email addresses contain the suffix. Open the drop-down menu and select if you would rather use the suffix.
  • You may have to select an alternate email address if someone else already claimed the one you wanted.

Create an Account page, with Username field highlighted.

Step 5

Type a password in both Password fields and select your country, date of birth and gender.


Microsoft account passwords must be over eight characters long and include either letters in mixed case or a mix of numbers and letters.

Password, Country, Date of Birth and Gender fields on the Create an Account page.

Step 6

Enter either your phone number or an alternative email address.


  • Microsoft requests you to fill in only one of those two fields.
  • If someone hacks your account and changes your password or if you simply forget your login credentials, Microsoft lets you regain control of your account by sending you a text message or email. Remember to always keep either your phone number or alternative email address up-to-date by visiting the Settings page after logging in to your account.

Country Code, Phone Number and Alternative Email Address fields on the Create an Account page.

Step 7

Enter the security code, read the Microsoft Services Agreement and privacy and cookies policy and, if you agree, click the Create Account button to finish the account creation process.

Using Your New Microsoft Account

In addition to letting you log in to Skype or, a Microsoft account also gives you access to a wide variety of Microsoft services, including:

  • The Web mail platform
  • Xbox Live
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive