How to Create a Playlist in iTunes

By Techwalla Internet Editor

The iTunes Music Library has many features to personalize your audio and video files. You may organize songs or movies with the help of playlists. Some of these playlists have automatically been created for you. You may also create your own, for whatever mood. To create a playlist in iTunes, follow these steps:

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • iTunes account

Step 1

Turn on your computer. Close out any other applications that you will not need.

Step 2

Load iTunes. Plug your iPod into your computer when you would like these playlists to go to your iPod as well.

Step 3

Locate the top toolbar of iTunes. Click File. Select either New Playlist, New Playlist from Selection or New Smart Playlist, depending on what type of playlist you want to create.

Step 4

Notice beneath your other playlists, a new playlist will appear, reading Untitled Playlist. Title the playlist with a name of your choosing.

Step 5

Click on the playlist you have created. You can now drag music from your iTunes library directly into that playlist. The Playlist will save everything you add to it.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may also create playlists on your iPod using On-The-Go playlists, which will appear on iTunes once you update your iPod.
  • The maximum holding power of playlists is very high; do not worry about putting too many songs in one playlist.