How to Create Your Boost Mobile Account

By Chris Miksen

Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, is a wireless phone provider that offers cellphone service without an obligation to sign a contract. Unless you purchase a Boost Mobile phone through Boost Mobile's website, you'll have to create an account and activate the phone to begin using it. Creating your account involves choosing your number, selecting your plan and making a payment. After you create an account, you can immediately begin using your cellphone.

Step 1

Visit the Boost Mobile activation page.

Step 2

Look on the back of your Boost Mobile phone box to see if a "SIM ID" number is listed. If so, enter it in the "SIM ID" text box. If you don't find this number on the back of the box, remove the battery cover and the battery from the back of the cellphone. Pull out the exposed SIM card and locate the SIM ID number on the back of the card. If no number appears on the card, look on the white labels inside the battery compartment. You will find either an "IMEI" number or a "DEC" number. Enter this number in the "MEID or ESN" text box.

Step 3

Click "Start Activation Process." The remaining pages will prompt you to choose a phone number, select a phone plan and make your first payment. You can only choose from the list of phone numbers you are given. Plans range from per day to per month. Once you've made your payment and your account is activated, you can login to your account at any time by clicking "My account" on any Boost Mobile page.