How to Delete a GoPhone Account

A GoPhone account is a prepaid wireless phone service offered by AT&T. GoPhone allows users to pay only for cellphone service as needed without being locked into a contract. You can prepay time for a GoPhone account by buying airtime cards or setting up automatic payments. For various reasons, including losing your phone, unhappiness with the service or plans, you may want to cancel this type of an account to switch to another service provider.

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Contact your new cellphone carrier to port your cellphone number if you would like to keep the number associated with your GoPhone account. The new cellphone carrier will take care of terminating your service on its end. Note that your account must be active.


Call the AT&T customer service department at 800-331-0500 or at 611 from your GoPhone cellphone to cancel your account. This method will allow you to not only cancel your GoPhone account but also to discontinue automatic payments or switch to a contract plan.


Stop paying for additional minutes on your GoPhone account. AT&T will automatically cancel your GoPhone account 60 days after the account balance expiration date if it receives no payment. Note that using this method will not allow you to keep your GoPhone number.

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