How to Delete a Login Register on Espn.Com

By Alizarin Black

Entertainment Sports Programming Network, or ESPN, is a cable television channel that broadcasts professional sporting events 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, ESPN provides professional sports coverage via their official website that covers NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA Basketball, MLB and fantasy games. Sports fans can create a login register, or an account on If you do not use your account, you can deactivate or permanently delete your account. offers two types of accounts: a free account, and a paid account to ESPN Insider.

Delete a Free Account on ESPN

Step 1

Sign in to your ESPN account.

Step 2

Click your username at the top corner of ESPN.

Step 3

Click "Edit Profile."

Step 4

Scroll down your "About Me" page and then place a check mark next to "Deactivate."

Step 5

Click "OK" when the message box reminds you that are you deleting your ESPN account.

Delete an Insider Account on ESPN

Step 1

Call 1-888-549-ESPN (3776).

Step 2

Press "2" on your keypad.

Step 3

Speak to an ESPN customer service representative about your Insider account. Tell the customer representative that you want to cancel your account. Ensure you have your credit card on hand.