How to Delete an iTunes Playlist

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

One of the neatest features of Apple's iTunes media player is its playlist functionality. Users can create, transfer and share playlists of their favorite songs, all manageable through either the iTunes interface or their iPod. Over time, however, these handy files can pile up and clutter iTunes. Here's how to get rid of your unwanted playlists and keep iTunes looking fresh and clean.

Step 1

Open iTunes and navigate to the main window. Although you can manage the playlists from any of the other screens in iTunes, organizing them from the Library makes deleting and rearranging songs in the lists easy.

Step 2

Look for the "Playlists" menu on the far left side of the screen. It's right below the "Devices" menu and should display a number of default playlists beneath its heading.

Step 3

Browse through the playlists and determine which one you want to delete. ITunes generates a few of the lists itself, but you can still delete these if you want to.

Step 4

Right-click the playlist and select "Delete."

Step 5

Connect your iPod and check to see if the deleted playlist is still on it. You might have never transferred the list, but if your Library automatically syncs with your iPod, it'll be there.

Step 6

Delete the playlist from your iPod by right-clicking its icon beneath the iPod's icon under the "Devices" menu and selecting "Delete."

Tips & Warnings

  • Delete playlists from both your iPod and Library automatically by setting your iPod to "Sync Music." When you remove a list from either of these places, iTunes will remove it from the other on its own.