How to Delete Cell Phone Password

By Jeffrey Brian Airman

Delete a cell phone password to allow unlimited access to the functions of the device. Many cell phone users password-protect their phones to safeguard personal information and private text conversations. Cell-phone owners often delete their security password to remove this barrier when they are gifting an old phone or allowing someone to borrow their current phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual (optional)

Step 1

Navigate to the "Settings" menu on the cell phone. Consult the owner's manual if you are unsure of how to access this menu (it's slightly different for each model).

Step 2

Search for a tab in the Settings menu labeled "Security" or "Passwords," and enter this section. Some phones have more than one password to protect the device itself, the memory card it is using and allow access to voice mails. Review the index of the owner's manual for mentions of passwords required to access all the set security codes.

Step 3

Enter the old passwords to gain access and delete them from the system, or substitute in new security codes as needed. Turn off the feature that requires passwords for access (typically by changing "Yes" to "No") if you want the device to be open to any potential user. Save the changes and exit to the main menu.

Step 4

Turn off the cell phone and then turn it back on. Wait for the main screen to come up to see if a password is required to use the phone.