How to Delete Games Off of Your iPhone

By Neil Edwards

Apple's iPhone smartphones are accompanied by the App Store, a virtual marketplace that features hundreds of thousands of games and other applications. If you downloaded a game from the App Store to your iPhone, but you no longer want the game, you can delete it from your iPhone's home screen. Deleting games can free up storage space for other applications or files and and helps you maintain organized home screens.

Step 1

Open the home screen or folder that contains the icon of the game you want to delete.

Step 2

Hold your finger on the game's icon until all of the icons on the screen start to shake.

Step 3

Tap the "X" that appears in the upper left corner of the game's icon.

Step 4

Tap "Delete" to delete the game from your iPhone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Games that you download from the App Store are tied to your iTunes Store account. Even if you delete a game you have purchased from the App Store, you can always download that game again for free.
  • Deleting an app means you can no longer access its data through the iPhone user interface, but a skilled and determined hacker could still find a way to access it.