How to Delete Native iPhone Apps

By Peter Anema

The iPhone, Apple's smartphone, features standard programs called apps that cannot be removed by design. These apps are called native apps, and they stay on your phone, even if you have no use for them. While there is no way you can permanently erase the native apps, you can delete them from the apps pages by taking advantage of a back door built into the iPhone software. This back door is called the 10th page and makes use of the imposed app limitation that Apple built into the phone.

Step 1

Touch one of the app icons on your iPhone and hold it until all of the icons start to wiggle and shake. This is how you enter the position editing mode for the apps.

Step 2

Select any of the apps and drag it to the right edge of the screen. The icon will cause the screen to shift to the next page of icons. If you have only one page of icons, this will create a second page.

Step 3

Drag a second app from the first page to the next page and keep dragging it until you reach a third page. Keep moving apps until you've created nine pages of apps.

Step 4

Move all of the native apps that you want to delete onto the ninth page of apps. Make sure that the native apps are the last ones on the page.

Step 5

Add more icons to the ninth page until you have the page full with 16 apps. Keep the apps to be deleted as the last ones on the page.

Step 6

Move several app icons to the eighth page so they are at least as many apps as you want to delete. So if you want to delete four native apps, place five apps onto the eighth page.

Step 7

Drag the last app on the eighth page to the first position on the ninth page. This will bump the last app on the ninth page off and move it to the backdoor 10th page automatically. This is equivalent to deleting the app because you won't see it on your iPhone.

Step 8

Keep moving the apps form the eighth page to the ninth page in the same pattern until all of the native apps you want to remove are moved to the 10th page.

Tips & Warnings

  • Apple allows you enough space to store 144 apps before you have to delete some of them.
  • Do not delete native apps that you use because you will not be able to access them without re-syncing the device.