How to Delete or Remove a Photo From Your Yahoo! Photos Album

By Aaron Parson

In 2007, two years after buying Flickr, Yahoo shut down Yahoo Photos. Since then, Yahoo has focused its image storage and sharing efforts on Flickr, integrating it with [Yahoo Mail]( and building in new features such as the Camera Roll. This tool provides a simpler interface for deleting images and quickly adding photos to albums, but to edit the contents of an album or erase an entire album, you need to use the Organizr, Flickr's album manager.

Step 1

Sign in to Flickr with your Yahoo account. **Select "Albums" from the "You" menu** to see all of your albums.

Step 2

Click an album to open it.

Step 3

Click "Edit" to load the album in Organizr, Flickr's tool for modifying groups of pictures.

Step 4

**Drag an image from the album to the bar at the bottom of the window to remove it from the album.** To discard the entire album at once, click "Delete This Album." Neither method erases your images from Flickr -- you can reorganize removed photos into new albums without having to re-upload them.

Step 5

**Press "Save"** after removing images to save the album. If you close the window without saving, your changes won't take effect.

Step 6

Open the "Batch Organize" tab if you want to *delete* images from Flickr, rather than merely remove them from an album. Drag one or more images into the main window, open the "Edit Photos" menu and choose "Delete." Deleted images are completely erased from your account.

Step 7

Delete images directly from Flickr's Camera Roll by clicking and dragging to select images and then pressing "Delete."

Tips & Warnings

  • Logging in to Flickr requires a Yahoo account. If you haven't used Flickr in several years, you might need to link your old Flickr account to a Yahoo account to use the site. See Yahoo's help page in the Resources to set up your account if you can't log in.
  • Flickr can't restore deleted images. Before deleting a picture, save it to your computer if you might want it later. To save an image, open it and click the download icon, resembling a down arrow. Images removed from albums, on the other hand, remain in your account, and you can re-add them to other albums.