How to Deprogram Mode on a Comcast Remote

By J.S. Copper

The remote that comes with your Comcast cable box doubles as a universal remote. It can be programmed to control your television and DVD player as well (or any desired auxiliary equipment). If you've purchased a new television and wish to reprogram the remote to interface with the new TV, you can reset the original device's program. Deprogramming, or resetting, the Comcast remote is simple.

Step 1

Press the mode you wish to deprogram (AUX, TV, Cable).

Step 2

Hold down the "Setup" key until the previous mode key blinks twice. Roughly three seconds.

Step 3

Press "9," "9," "4" on the number pad.

Step 4

Press "Setup" again.

Step 5

Press the mode button (from Step 1) twice. Now the remote is reset and can be reprogrammed for your new device.