How to Detect Hidden Microphones

By Allen Coleman

If you suspect that someone is spying on you or recording your conversations with a hidden microphone, there are products on the market you can use to detect any unwanted microphones in a room. A bug detector or hidden microphone detector is designed to pick up the RF, or radio frequencies, in a room that a microphone will give off and is the tool you will want to use to find even the smallest hidden microphones.

Things You'll Need

  • Bug detector

Step 1

Turn on the bug detector.

Step 2

Sweep the room that you suspect of having a hidden microphone with the bug detector. Hold the detector away from your body and walk through the room checking anywhere that you could possibly hide a microphone, including the telephone, light fixtures, air vents and any nearby electronics.

Step 3

Find the microphone's location using the signal strength meter on your bug detector if you pick up a signal. The closer you get to the microphone, the stronger the signal will get.