How to Direct People to My Linkedin Profile

By Tiffany Garden

You can use your LinkedIn profile as an online resume, highlighting your job experience, skills and qualifications. If the recruiter or human resources manager you are speaking with is already on LinkedIn, they may prefer to just see your profile instead of a traditional resume. You can provide a direct link to your profile to interested parties.

Step 1

Include your LinkedIn profile on business cards, if you don't have a separate website set up to highlight your skills and experience.

Step 2

Log in to your LinkedIn account and click "View Profile." Click "Share profile." Input the email address of the person you wish to send your LinkedIn profile to. Select the email account you wish to send this message from. Input a message in the main content body and click "Send Message."

Step 3

Go back to the "View Profile" page. Copy the "public profile" link. This is the link you can send to connect people directly to your LinkedIn account.

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