How to Disable AT&T Voicemail

By Paul Lin

Whether you are taking a leave of absence for a vacation, a business trip overseas, or any other reason, disabling your AT&T Wireless voicemail can eliminate an excess amount of messages while you are gone. As one of the major wireless networks in the U.S, AT&T offers easy and quick options to its subscribers to avoid unnecessary voice messages.

Step 1

Call your AT&T wireless network service provider at 1-800-331-0500. Have your account information on hand to verify your identification.

Step 2

Request cancellation of your voicemail service from the customer service representative. You must be the account holder authorized to make the change. If you are the primary account holder, you can disable other numbers under your name at this time as well.

Step 3

Use another phone to call your cell in order to verify your voicemail has been disabled. Your phone should read "the subscriber is unavailable" without going to voicemail.

Tips & Warnings

  • Enter #21# on your cellular device if you want to activate call forwarding. If you are temporarily disabling your AT&T voicemail for any reason, call-forwading can help you defer voice messages.