How to Disable Geotag on an IPhone

When location services are enabled on iPhones running iOS 8.1, geotags are automatically added to photos taken with the Camera app. While geotags can be a handy way to identify and categorize your images, not everyone wants to make their location known. You can disable geotags using the Settings app on your iPhone.

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Disable location services in third-party camera apps and prevent geotagging.
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Disabling Geotagging on an IPhone

To disable geotagging, start by tapping the "Settings" icon on the iPhone's home screen. When the Settings app loads, tap "Privacy" and then select "Location Services." Toggle the "Camera" switch to the Off position to disable all geotags in the Camera app. If you use third-party camera apps to take photos, disable geotags in those apps by toggling those apps' switch to the Off position as well. You may need to scroll down to view all apps.

Consequences of Disabling All Location Services

To disable all location services, toggle the main "Location Services" switch at the top of the Location Services screen to the Off position. Disable all location services with caution. Doing so will stop GPS services, which can affect the core functionality of mapping and other location-based apps.

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