How to Disable Spellcheck on an iPhone

By David Weedmark

Turn off auto-correct, auto-capitilization, predictive text and other iPhone helpers to ensure the words you type appear exactly as you intended.

The Apple iPhone and iPad have several spelling features designed to make it easier to get the right word when you type in iOS 8.4. If you find tools like Auto-Correction and Predictive Text to be more of a hassle than a help, however, you can turn these features off at any time.

Disable Spellcheck

Step 1

Launch Settings from the iPhone's Home screen. Select General and then tap Keyboard.

Step 2

Toggle off the features you don't want to use.

Tap each toggle for the service that you want disabled.

  • Auto-Capitalization adds a capital to the first letter in a new line and after punctuation marks.
  • Auto-Correction substitutes the iPhone's best guess for a word after you finish typing it.
  • Check Spelling identifies words the iPhone doesn't understand and recommends a replacement.
  • Enable Caps Lock turns Caps Lock on and off when you double-tap the Shift key.
  • "." Shortcut inserts a period when you tap the Space bar twice..

Setting Up a Shortcut

Using a shortcut is a good way to use the iPhone's Auto-Correction feature to your advantage. By programming your own shortcut, you can have the iPhone add a whole string of text just by typing a few characters.

If you have a favorite slang word that the iPhone often changes with Auto-Correction, use that word as both the phrase and the shortcut. This overrides Auto-Correct when using the word in the future.

Step 1

Tap Shortcuts.

Scroll to the top of the Setting's Keyboard screen. Tap Shortcut.

Step 2

Click the plus sign.

Click the plus sign at the top of the screen to enter a new shortcut.

Step 3

Enter a Phrase and a Shortcut.

Enter any phrase in the Phrase field. Type any group of letters to use as the shortcut for that phrase. Tap Save.


When designing a shortcut, select a group of letters you're unlikely to use for anything else. Acronyms or abbreviations will be easy to remember, while reducing the chances that you'll accidentally trigger the shortcut while typing something else.

Type the shortcut and press Space.

Step 4

Type the shortcut in a text message or a text-based app like Notes. The shortcut appears when you finish typing the shortcut. To dismiss the phrase, tap the X. Tap the Space key to accept the phrase.

Turning Off Predictive Text

Toggle Predictive Text on or off.

Introduced in iOS 8, Predictive Text prompts you with suggested words above the keyboard as you type. To turn off this feature, tap and hold the Emoji or Globe icon — whichever is visible — and then tap the Predictive Toggle so that it's in the Off position.