How to Disassemble a Rear Projection TV

Disassemble a rear-projection television to remove valuable components. Rear-projection televisions offer the combination of the television and a cabinet and audio system. Many of the components are made with precious metals that are salvageable after the television starts working correctly. To disassemble the television correctly without damaging the parts, all that is needed are standard tools. There is no need for a technician or repairman to complete the disassembly.

Remove the necessary screws to disassemble the rear-projection television.

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Disconnect all external devices from the inputs of the rear-projection television and unplug it from the wall. Allow it to cool down for at least one hour. Pull the speaker grille forward to detach it from the television cabinet.


Remove the screws securing the board front using a Phillips screwdriver and remove the board front from the television cabinet. Remove the control panel by removing the securing screws. Remove the screws at the bottom of the screen assembly and remove it from the television cabinet by lifting it up and pulling it forward.


Remove the screws holding the back board in place at the rear of the television. Remove the board shelf by remove the securing screws. Remove the light box assembly from the television cabinet by removing the screws. Carefully pull the light box through the back of the television cabinet.

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