How to Do a Blinking Eye Emoticon on Facebook

By Dustin Thornton

Facebook emoticons are graphical little symbols that you can insert into an instant message on Facebook using the chat feature. Facebook supports a wide range of graphical emoticons from smiley faces to an emoticon featuring Chris Putnam, a leading Facebook developer. Creating a blinking eye emoticon, often called a winking face, requires only that you insert the textual symbols associated with the emoticon into Facebook Chat.

Step 1

Start the Web browser of your choice and visit Log in to your account, if not already logged in, by entering your email address and password into the fields in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Click on the "Chat" bar in the lower right corner of the Web page.

Step 3

Click on any of your Friends from the list of available online Friends to send a message to that Friend. A green circle means that the user is online and active.

Step 4

Type out an optional message and add one of the following symbols into the message where you want the blinking eye emoticon to appear: ;-) or ;). Both symbols represent the blinking eye emoticon.

Step 5

Press "Enter" to send the message. When you send the message Facebook transforms it into a blinking eye graphical emoticon.

Tips & Warnings

  • Facebook emoticons work only in Facebook Chat.

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