How to Do Subtitles From English to Spanish on Verizon FiOS

By Daniel Holzer

Closed captioning, sometimes referred to as subtitles, is a great service for the hard of hearing and foreign language learners. The spoken language scrolls as text at the bottom of the screen when closed captioning is enabled. Setting your Verizon FiOS service to show Spanish subtitles while watching television can help your comprehension of the programming. Enabling closed captioning or subtitles on your Verizon FiOS box only requires a few minutes and starts working right away.

Things You'll Need

  • Verizon FiOS DVR or set-top box
  • DVR or set-top box remote control

Step 01

Turn on the FiOS box and immediately press the "Menu" key on your remote control.

Step 11

Press either the up or down arrows on your remote until "Service Selection" is highlighted. Press the right arrow on your remote to change the "Service Selection" language. Set your secondary language to Spanish.

Step 21

Press the left arrow on the remote to go back to the "User Settings."

Step 31

Press the up arrow once to highlight "Closed Captioning." Press the right arrow to select it.

Step 41

Press the up or down arrow to select "Enabled" and select "Spanish" from the languages listed. Press the power button to save your settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ensure your television's closed captioning or subtitle option is enabled as the Verizon FiOS closed caption service will only work if both the receiver and television are enabled. Check your television's user manual as user settings vary greatly by brand and model.
  • Not all shows offer closed captioning, so it may not always show up. Only shows that flash the "CC" symbol either when the show first starts, or in your show listing guide offer closed captioning.