How to Download DVR to USB

By Joanne Cichetti

A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that lets you record video in digital format. Most DVRs have built-in storage capabilities, but since they are mostly limited, you often feel the need to transfer the recording to your computer’s hard disk drive, USB drive or other storage device. You can achieve this objective by using some connection devices and special software.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital video recorder
  • Computer
  • Video capture software
  • Audio-visual cables

Step 01

Select the video capture software for your computer. You might prefer to use basic software which you can download over the Internet for free or software with more powerful editing and presentation options, which can be purchased from a software store.

Step 11

Connect the DVR to your computer. Mostly, a DVR can be connected to a computer using audio-visual cables known as RCA plugs, which are color-coded to help you connect the outputs and inputs. The yellow end is usually plugged into the “video out” jack on the DVR and the white and red ends are plugged into the “audio out” jacks. The other ends are plugged into the corresponding jacks on the computer. Some systems can be connected through a USB cable as well, using the USB ports on the DVR and computer.

Step 21

Start the video transfer. Run the video capture software on your computer and select the TV show, or whatever you want to transfer from the DVR. On your computer, choose your USB drive as the location to record the show that you have selected.

Step 31

Press the “Play” button on the DVR and the “Record” button on the software. This way you’ll be playing the show on the DVR and at the same time recording it on the USB drive through the software.