How to Download the Android Lock Without Cydia

By Leigh Thompson

The Android lock program uses a series of dots and lines to create a custom design instead of an alpha-numeric passcode. You draw your passcode lines over the dots. Once your design matches the design you set as the passcode, your iPhone unlocks giving you access to your applications. You do not need a jailbroken iPhone with access to Cydia to download an Android lock application. There are Android lock programs available from the iTunes App Store.

Step 1

Tap the iTunes App Store icon on your iPhone. Press the "Search" icon on the bottom toolbar.

Step 2

Type the phrase "Android Lock" into the Search bar. Press the "Search" button on the keyboard to initiate a search.

Step 3

Press the application you want to download from the list of options such as Lock Screen Maker, Do Not Touch and Magic Lock Screen.

Step 4

Tap the "Free" or the price icon in the top right corner. The button changes to a green "Install" button. Tap the "Install" button. Enter your iTunes passcode to confirm you want to download the program.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read the product description before downloading. Some Android Lock applications are for entertainment purposes only and do not provide security to your iPhone.