How to download video from YouTube

By andrewcmcardle

Ever wanted to use a video from YouTube? This article will teach you how to download video from YouTube and convert it into file formats you can use on your phone or portable media player. You don't need to download ANY software

Things You'll Need

  • An internet connection

Step 1

1. Go to YouTube and get find the movie you want

Step 2

2. Right click on a blank bit of the screen

Step 3

3. Click view page source

Step 4

4. Type Ctrl+F

Step 5

5. Search for player2.swf

Step 6

6. You should get something that looks like this ->

Step 7

7. Select all the text after video_id= and before the speech mark, this text has been highlighted in the image

Step 8

8. Go to

Step 9

9. Paste the text after video_id=

Step 10

10. Click enter

Step 11

11. Save the file to your desktop (you may need to click file in the top left of the page then click save page as)

Step 12

12. Go to

Step 13

13. Click the "browse" button next to the white box

Step 14

14. Select the file you just got from youtube (usually called get_video)

Step 15

15. On the drop down box to the right scroll to the bottom and select "flash video .flv"

Step 16

16. Scroll down the page until you see

Step 17

17. If you are putting this on your phone go to step 18, if you just want to watch it on your PC go to step 21

Step 18

18. Does your phone or mobile device play .3gp movies? If yes go to step 19, if no go to step 20 (if you don't know assume that it can play .3gp movies)

Step 19

19. It should say .3gp in the drop down box, if it doesn't select .3gp from the drop down menu, go to step 22

Step 20

20. Select .mp4 from the drop down menu (there are many types of mp4 in the menu, if you have a PSP select PSP .mp4, if you have a Ipod video select Ipod video .mp4, if it is another type of movie player like a phone select mpeg-4 .mp4) Go to step 22

Step 21

21. Select Motion Picture Experts Group .mpg from the dropdown menu, go to step 22

Step 22

22. Click I accept the terms

Step 23

23. Click Convert

Step 24

24. Wait until you see this screen (it may take a long time if the movie is long)

Step 25

25. Click download and save it to your desktop

Step 26

26. Put it on your phone, Ipod, PSP or watch it on your computer

Step 27

27. This is a very complicated process; if it doesn't work then it probably will never work.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some times the audio is out of time with the video, if this happens try using different file formats
  • Never download anything from the internet unless you are sure it is safe