How to Email Boost Cell Phones

By Christa Titus

Emailing a Boost Mobile cell phone follows the same steps as messaging someone's computer-based email account. Some people prefer to send messages this way because a computer keyboard is easier to type on than a cell phone keypad. It doesn't cost you to email a Boost Mobile phone. But the contact you're emailing might incur a 10-cent fee for each email you send, if he doesn't have a text-messaging plan on his phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet service
  • Cell phone number of the person you want to email

Sending the Email

Step 1

Open a blank email message on your computer.

Step 2

Enter your friend's Boost Mobile cell phone number (minus any hyphens) with the suffix of "" in the "To" line of the email. For example, if your contact's number is (856) 555-1212, the email address will be

Step 3

Fill out the "Subject" line of the email.

Step 4

Write your message. Remember that you are limited to 500 characters when you send an email or a text message to a Boost Mobile phone.

Step 5

Click the send button.

Tips & Warnings

  • The person who has the Boost Mobile phone can reply to your email by sending a text to your email address. To do so, they would hit "Reply," write their response and then click "Send."
  • You can email photos to a Boost phone. However, if the attachment is very large, the recipient might not be able to open it. She also might be charged a fee for receiving the photo.