How to Enable Subtitles on a Mitsubishi TV

By William Pullman

Mitsubishi TVs have a closed captioning feature that displays subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers. You have several caption options, including "Digital" captions, which allows you to change the appearance of the words on the screen; "Analog" captions, which is the standard white text on a black background; and "Service" captions, which allows you to set up the closed captions to turn on when you mute the television.

Step 1

Press "Menu" on the Mitsubishi TV remote control to open the television's main menu.

Step 2

Push the arrow buttons on the remote control to highlight the "Captions" icon, which is a "C" in a rectangular box. Press the "Enter" button. The "Enter" button is located in the middle of the arrow buttons.

Step 3

Select the "Services" option.

Step 4

Press the arrow buttons to highlight the "Service," "Digital" or "Analog" captioning options, if your Mitsubishi TV has each of those options. Some televisions only have the "Digital" or "Analog" options.

Step 5

Select "On if Mute" if you're in the "Service" section, "Caption 1" through "Caption 6" if you selected "Digital," and "CC1" through "CC4" or "Text 1" through "Text 4" if you chose "Analog." The "Text" options provide different types of information, such as weather reports.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Mitsubishi TVs cannot display captions if you use an HDMI or component connection from your cable or satellite box.