How to Expand Visual Voicemail Capacity

By Valerie Lauer

Visual voicemail features carry the added benefit of increased message storage and longer voicemails. Despite the added capacity, it is still possible to run out of space for storing voicemails, as most visual voicemail services hold a maximum of 40 messages. If you crave more space for incoming messages but are reluctant to delete old messages, there are several ways to clear space in your visual voicemail box without losing any content.

Archive Visual Voicemail Messages

Step 1

Select several messages to archive.

Step 2

Export visual voicemail messages using the phone's visual voicemail program.

Step 3

Archive exported visual voicemail messages with the cell phone's audio memory or to removable memory, such as an SD card.

Step 4

Leave saved messages on the phone for easy access, or send the exported audio files to any computer or email account for storage.

Supplement Your Service

Step 1

Select a different voicemail feature that offers additional features, such as Google Talk, which allows you to receive 10-minute-long messages and is only limited by storage space, or voicemail to text services from AT&T, which boosts voicemail box capacity from 40 stored messages to 50.

Step 2

Ensure all existing visual voicemail messages can be transferred to or accessed from the supplemental voicemail service. This may require you to export existing visual voicemail messages from your current voicemail program to save them.

Step 3

Activate the supplemental voicemail service. Transfer any importable content to the new platform, and enjoy your new, expanded voicemail service.

Tips & Warnings

  • Voicemail messages that are not saved when you switch voicemail platforms could be lost. Please save visual voicemail messages before making any changes.